Works and Books

Il Giardino


Disegnatrice e Autrice.

Pubblicata da Edizioni NPE nel Giugno 2022, la mia graphic novel “Il Giardino”, una raccolta di storie sul rapporto tra umanità e natura.

Compra o sfoglia l’anteprima qui:


A booklet on alchemical elements, their history and the planets and meanings connected to them.

Paint, salt, gold leaf, pen drawings, and different materials were scanned and digitally modified.


Illustrations and layout for the 1872 book Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu.

(Personal project)


A motion comic illustrating the mythical story of an underwater statue, lost and then found.

Sir Ferdinand

A modern take on Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts: the story follows the aspiring knight Ferd as he battles his own anxiety. The book is manually bound, etched and hand-painted, following a thorough research on medieval manuscripts and symbologies.

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