unicorn… or snake? [2022]
four ingredients [2022]

Character Illustration

there’s someone in the woods [2022]
a goodbye [2019]
lady of the manor [2020]

portrait [2021]
portrait [2020]
portrait [2021]

Sustainability Illustration project

How do we enable people to value their rivers more?

Design and illustrations for three games to teach children of the importance of clean rivers.

Instructions for the board game
Board Game
Puzzle that imitates the cleaning of rivers from pollution
Card Game: animals and seasons cards
Card Game: events cards

My creative process as a board game


The night is alive – set of gifs [2019]


Alter Ego: build a character and their “starting pack”, all with a specific aesthetic and style.

Francis is my character, and his brand is his secret occult society, Collegium Atri.

Designs for the booklet, poster, t-shirt and notebook. (University Project)


Life Drawings